Where to find people on Mastodon 

So far, I've found two resources:

Both of these are decent, but not great. They suffer from the syndrome that all not actively moderated catalogs do: people add themselves in many categories because it doesn't cost anything, and they are interested in a topic like - but they're consumers of the topic, rather than creators.

Does anyone know of catalogs focusing on creators?

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Where to find people on Mastodon 

@kazarnowicz I don't (will bookmark this to see if anyone answers!) I'm a writer of SF&F and try to use #amwriting and #amwritingscifi so looking there might help.

Where to find people on Mastodon 

@lj I've had moderate success with hashtags, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot of people because of the federation structure and me being on my own instance. I've seen you using and and started using those, thank you :)

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