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First: spending my formative years in a communist country, then moving to Sweden at the age of 7. It gave my life a new trajectory.

Second: skydiving in 2004. In a strange way, learning to trust the air, to trust nature and human ingenuity to stop me from going splat was the first step to starting to trust myself, and the universe.

Third: a serendipitous evening in 2011, when I met the guy who now is my (common law) husband. I couldn't picture "settling down", now I'm living it.

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Things I'd like to discuss: the ingenuity of The Good Place. And Killjoys. Really good stories, like Oat Studios and Death, Sex, Robots. Adaptations between media: tentatively loving Foundation, enjoy Master Chi- sorry, Halo to watch it every week. Also: aliens.

Things I'd like to do: stream the gayest playthrough of Mass Effect, and argue why this playthrough is Bioware (intentionally or otherwise) making it up to the gaymers by making this playthrough the most epic romance

I just discovered Sabrina Benaim through a TikTok video where Fred Again sets music to her poetry. And now I'm crying because this is so spot on how depression and anxiety feels:

My boys in the beautiful fall landscape we’re currently enjoying. (The theme was “yearbook photo” 😂😍)

For #Russians to escape the draft - "military lawyer's advice"

"Я не хочу воевать. Что делать? Отвечает военный юрист"

* "It's not illegal to disappear in the countryside and make no contact with the state."
** ignore draft orders received through Gosuslugi

* "Emigration is legally very different from moving."

* "Once you’re at the draft office, no one can defend you but yourself."

* "You can appeal your category assignment..."



I'm really reacting badly to everything being in the cloud.

I want a thing that works on my computer. I don't want to be internetted all. the. time.

Now the new NVIDIA RTX graphics cards [1] seem to have a cloud variant.

Please stop. Having part of your computer live on somebody else's computer does not support resilience if it could go down, get taken away, become out dated and closed.


@lj haven't seen you in a while, I hope everything is okay and that you're just taking a pause!

Yesterday, I realized that I needed to know how my alien species writes their numbers. I already know they write from bottom up (right to left when describing the past, left to right when describing the future). They also use base-6 for counting.

I'm happy with the system I came up with. This is how they write the year 21515, or 2999 in base-10.

The reporting about this accident (nobody got hurt) is hilarious once you realize what the truck was hauling

Behold the Tracker Beeper by @bert_hubert

Bert's software makes a noise each time data is sent from his browser to Google. Guess how many sites keep sending data with every click, without consent? And then he added Facebook and a few more trackers. The second video in his blog post is a brilliant audio illustration of trackers on a news site.


As expected, bigots are coming out of the woodwork with the same tired racism.

If you haven't already, de-fed with gamelibertyDOTclub.

I'm sure there will be more today, so I'll drop the URLs as they come int.

I'm at the action parts of my first book, and it's fascinating to see that which I kinda gleaned turn into concrete scenes. I was worried about the bromance that will be central for book two - which occurs right after the action parts.

Well, now they've met and I feel like the King of Sweden when he met Queen Sylvia: "det sa bara klick"

(it doesn't translate, but it essentially means "it just fit perfectly and immediately")

Share an out-of-context line or detail from your last writing session! #amWriting @amwriting

Also, - the mod there sent a video with the n-word multiple times as a response to above toot.

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It seems like is an instance with really loud nazi dog-whistles. Use of the n-word by a supposedly "white woman christian" is just the tip of the iceberg. I've blocked the domain.

Reading this article from 1939 about the start of WWII is eerie. This is the same shit Putin is pulling with Ukraine today.

”Never have I ever” on Netflix is really good. It’s so refreshing to watch a YA series that doesn’t focus on white youths’ coming of age.

People who complain about humanoid aliens that are like us in hard sci-fi can never ever have heard about the concept of "convergent evolution"

Unexpected darkness and graphic violence 

Today I was surprised. I knew that the character I was introducing was dark. But the first thing ze says is "fontanelle fucker" and one of the last is "or I will rape you with a bayonet". Ze is clearly not holding back when someone gives zir shit (to zir defense: ze has a painful uti, and the mercenary ze was talking to had been making fun of zir androgynity)

There's a community called IncelExit on Reddit. It's not the biggest, but it seems really wholesome. At least some parts of nature are starting to heal:

November 11 will decide if the US keeps being a democracy:

"Having failed to overturn the 2020 vote, Trump and his loyalists are now strategically targeting positions that will play a critical role in supervising the next presidential election, turning many of the 27 secretary of state contests this year into expensive, partisan showdowns."

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